Two new publications out in the world

I'm excited to announce that two manuscripts for which I am first author have been recently published!

The first is "Intrapersonal and Environmental Correlates of Bicycling in U.S. Adults", published in print in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine March issue. This paper examined the association between multilevel factors and bicycling for recreation and transportation in a nationally representative sample from the 2012 National Survey of Bicyclist and Pedestrian Attitudes and Behaviors. Results indicated that there were significant differences between bicyclists and non-bicyclists, as well as between recreation and transportation bicyclists. The paper can be accessed via ScienceDirect here.

The second is "Reliability and One-Year Stability of the PIN3 Neighborhood Environmental Audit in Urban and Rural Neighborhoods", just published online in the Journal of Urban Health. This study described the reliability and stability of the PIN3 environmental audit instrument in both urban and rural neighborhoods. It was determined that the PIN3 instrument is a reliable and stable audit tool for studies assessing neighborhood attribute s in urban and rural environments. Read the full text via Springer Nature here.