Ride Report: Mobile app user guide

I have a new article published online about the Ride Report App. If you're not familiar, Ride Report is a smartphone application that automatically tracks bicycling and other transportation modes. It's a great way to track your riding without having to remember to start and stop an app (like you need to do with Strava or a gps device).

I personally find it silly and annoying to use a gps for my daily bike commutes or for the quick trip to the grocery store. Ride report is a great resource for me to keep track of every mile that I've ridden, rather than just the "fitness" rides I track using a gps. Case in point: according to Ride Report, so far this year I've ridden 2,592 miles; in comparison, Strava has me at 1,860 miles. Those little transportation rides really add up!

Anyway, check out the article at the British Journal of Sports Medicine, and also check out the Ride Report app (for Apple and Android devices)!